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Everything we do starts with a blank page.
And an open mind.



Relationship : Since 2014

More than a turning point.

A true statement!



Expectations of us were high. The stakes, immense. Our new brand beautifully translates our creative, bold and tribal spirit. It unites our team towards a common goal: to outdo ourselves, create extraordinary experiences and have a blast while doing it.branding


Stéphane Laurin

Business Development Director



Despite 25 years in the industry and an unmatched reputation for excellence, Techni-Logique had difficulty communicating to clients the extent of its unique offer. After trying to divide their offer into distinctive brands, they arrived at the conclusion that they needed to establish a strong, encompassing brand, which would empower its promise.


  • Divided brand equity (Techni-Logique & Chaos Création)
  • Confusing offer segmentation
  • Divergent services and markets
  • Multiple stakeholders with strong attachment to existing brands’ origins


  • Build a new, encompassing brand
  • Clarify and highlight the uniqueness of the new brand offer
  • Display indisputable corporate credibility, expertise and personality
  • Give the company an undeniable attraction force to generate key targets’ interestin multiple markets



Our mandate was to create a new, encompassing brand inspired by its origins. A brand that would state continuity, embody its team members, and carry out the international aspirations of its leaders.

The toughest part of any change is accepting to lose in order to win. In this case, all stakeholders had to let go of their own identity to move forward and strengthen the company as a whole.

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  • 1Merge the two existing identities to create a holistic brand
  • 2Clarify TKNL’s offer – Establish differential advantages
  • 3Position the brand on its human capital and distinctive culture
  • 4Provide TKNL with a strong, bold and forceful personality


  • branding

    Reinforced TKNL’s leading position in the industry

  • ICONES_Cases_studies-02

    A clarified offer for all targeted markets

  • ICONES_Cases_studies-03

    New national key accounts

  • ICONES_Cases_studies-07

    A brand that all stakeholders could identify with

Brand Identity Brand Name B2B Marketing Visual Identity