1.0 Positioning



Together, we will find the space that you want to occupy
and the ways you can distinguish yourself from your competitors.

  • Competitive positioning analysis
  • Brand assessments & SWOT analysis
  • Perception profiling
  • Positioning strategy
Category Design

Together, we will identify and define a new market category
and position you as its leader.

  • Category opportunity analysis
  • Category definition
  • Category naming
  • Category positioning

To learn more about Category Design, download our eBook.

Challenge everything.

branding agency category design carbicrete positioning

2.0 Branding


Our mandate is to create a brand that will empower
your business to transform into a leading brand.

Rational & emotional identity

  • Name generation
  • Naming architecture
  • Brand story & brand culture

Visual Identity

  • Logo & brand guidelines
  • Visual identity system
  • Packaging & sales tools

Digital Identity

  • Website and landing pages
  • Content strategy
  • Newsletter and marketing automation

Lead by example.

Lead by example.

b2b branding identity previan branding design agency

3.0 Marketing

Create a powerful imprint.


In addition to creating sales tools, we orchestrate and manage
efficient strategies and programs aimed at turning
your prospects into clients.

Lead generation

  • SEM & SEO
  • Prospection programs
  • Content marketing

Major account acquisition strategy

  • Sales pitch
  • Personalized sales presentation
  • RFP documents and presentations

Marketing programs

  • Dealers and referral programs
  • Franchisee programs
  • Promotion and loyalty programs

Create a powerful imprint.